Prayer is Essential

Please pray:

1) Pray for Blessed who has fractured his leg – that it would heal quickly and he wouldn't experience too much pain.

2) Thanksgiving for the opening of Oasis City Church and also the church plant in Chichele.

3) We now have 25 churches under Oasis ministries – please pray for church growth, wisdom and finances for the pastors.

4) Pray for more churches to be planted and for the finances to do this so that we reach our target of 100 churches.

5) Thanksgiving for all the teams and individuals that came to visit over the summer months. They really were a blessing and have left a lasting impact with everyone at Oasis

6) Thanksgiving that new children are still coming into the Oasis Family. We now have 55 children – please pray for their continued safety and that they would excel in everything they do.

7) The Moyos – that God would continue to meet our needs and give us the strength we need to accomplish His work.

Please pray:

1) Please continue to pray for safety and good health for everyone living at Oasis

2) Thanksgiving for the 11 churches that are now under Oasis Ministries – for church growth and wisdom and finances for the pastors.

3) That Mountainside Primary would continue to flourish and that the teachers would be dedicated to providing the best education possible.

4) The Moyos – for God to meet all their needs.

5) For Zach who will be starting Secondary School in September, that he will settle quickly, make friends and enjoy it.

6) For Mary and Billy who will be writing their Grade seven exams in a few months, that they will study hard and get into a good secondary school.

Please pray:

1) For the 9 new children that have moved in that they would settle quickly into their new life at Oasis and feel at home.

2) We need to employ two new house mums. Please pray for wisdom and that we would find the best, most loving ladies for the jobs.

3) Thanksgiving that the children are getting the opportunity to learn to swim and that they will continue to make good progress.

4) For protection for everyone living at Oasis and for the children and teachers that come to Mountainside Primary.

5) For continued finances for church planting and that Oasis Village Fellowship would continue to grow in Zambia and for people to understand how much God loves them and that they would give their lives to Him.

Please continue to pray for the following –

1) Well- being of kids at Oasis and their house mums.

2) Finances to finish building the school and that we would have good dedicated teachers that are committed to making sure each pupil achieves their potential.

3) Pray for the church, that it continues to grow and that needs are met.

4) Pray for the Moyo family, for wisdom in everything we do and for God to continue to meet our needs

We always appreciate prayer, because without it our ministry wouldn't exist.

1. That the borehole issue would be permanently resolved, and that we would continue to have an abundance of council water.

2. For wisdom to know which are the most vulnerable children that we should select to move into Oasis.

3. For the most loving, caring, trusting staff members that we could possibly have.

4. For lots of volunteers, including teachers, to keep coming to help us with this amazing cause.

5. For finances to keep the project going.

6. For good ideas to also generate funds within Zambia to help sustain the project.

7. For safety at all times, especially travelling to and from school.