Where The Love For Kids Began

We now have a church at Sakania Village.

The children meet at the church three times a week with our co worker Whiteson, here they learn about God and are also helped with their education. Recently we have sponsored some children to be going to school. The boy in the picture has never had the opportunity to go to school before and was very thankful to God and Oasis for this chance to learn – as you can see from the smile on his face.

This is the group of children that we currently have contact with on a weekly visit. We travel out to the village on a Monday afternoon to play with the children and teach them about God. The children in this village are very much in our hearts and some of them have already moved into Oasis Village. During a visit by a team from UT Church Belfast in 2013 we were able to bring 83 children for the day to Oasis Village. We danced, played games, did craft, had our faces painted and played on the jungle gym. The highlight of the day, however, had to be CANDY FLOSS! We hired a machine and a man to make candy floss for everyone. The children had never had it before and they LOVED it! The children were also blessed to receive football kits/tops which were donated by some primary schools in N. Ireland.

When monetary gifts are sent out for Sakania Village they enable us to treat the children to a fantastic day out. Some of the children have never been out of the village before and even though they are so excited they are well behaved and thankful. It's a very humbling experience. In 2010 we treated each of them to a tub of ice cream on the way home. Some of them put the tub in their goody bags to bring home. They didn't realise that it would melt as they had never eaten ice cream before!

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