Oasis Ministries

In August 2015 we opened our first Oasis Church in the cafeteria at Oasis Village and Oasis Ministries was launched.

The following year we planted a baby church in a township called Kawama. This was  followed in June 2017 with a church plant in Sakania Village…. a few months later another church was planted in Baluba and Kabwe.

Then Ziso went to a conference and came back and announced that God had told him that we needed to plant 100 churches……. I remember laughing out loud when he told us (like Sarah from the Bible). However, Ziso believed God and we know that with God ALL THING ARE POSSIBLE.

This was the start of what would become a new normal for us with churches springing up all over Zambia. By July 2018 we had 11 churches under the umbrella of Oasis Ministries, reaching all the way to Lusaka.

In August we moved the church at Oasis Village into the town centre and Oasis City Church was formed.

Churches continued to be planted; it costs about £1000 to buy the materials to build a church in a village, once you have bought the land. If anyone would like to help us to raise money to continue planting churches please get in touch. We had 25 churches under Oasis Ministries at that point.

In August 2018 we had our first ‘Oasis Ministries’ baptism service at a local dam and 83 people/children were baptised. These included Zach, Zoe, Zara, Learnmore, Gillrinnoh, Elijah, Mary, Naomi, Jairus, Billy and Louis. It was a very special day, especially as I got to help baptise my children.

One year later our churches had doubled in number to 50 under the Oasis umbrella – Ziso had also gone with Pastor Adams into Mozambique and Malawi and our first International Churches joined us in the ministry.

It didn’t stop there and  by November we had 70 churches.

In 2020, even with coronavirus the ministry continued to grow, and Congo was added to our International Churches in February, as Pastor Adams made a trip to visit churches there.

To date we now have over 100 churches under Oasis Ministries and I have come to REALLY believe that nothing can stop God and those who follow Him obediently.

In December 2020 Ziso had the pleasure of ordaining more than twenty Oasis pastors in one day.

We accomplish more when we work as a team. Oasis Ministries recently put together a National Leadership Committee. Reverend Daniel Kamawe is the National leader of the Zambian Churches.

The main Oasis City Church in Ndola had been renting a building. However, when another local church joined us, we decided to develop their plot and fix up their church which had taken a battering in the rainy season. We put up a Sunday School structure, toilets and modernised the inside of the building. The church is continuing to grow on a weekly basis.

As well as church planting there is so much else that goes on under Oasis Ministries, such as ladies and youth conferences.

We had a two day youth conference at Oasis Village which was attended by hundreds of youths. The main theme of the conference was Addictions, with the final message being that the only thing we should be addicted to is Jesus.

We also have a football ministry and we play matches against other teams – the only condition for being on our team is that you have to attend Sunday service and the mid week service too. At one point we had 70 young men in attendance due to the football, with many of them giving their lives to Jesus.

Outreach and visitation is also a weekly occurrence at Oasis.

On 27th January, 2021 we were deeply saddened by the news that Pastor Adams had passed away. He was instrumental in the ministry, having his own church in Mapalo and being so involved in church planting in Zambia and beyond. He will be greatly missed and out thoughts and prayers continue to be with his wife, children and family circle.

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